While Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson are laid to rest

While Honduras’ president’s kidnapped in his pajamas, other politicians celebrate. While Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson are laid to rest, friends and family remember times of beauty. We live lives of contrast. The St. Louis, denied entry at the port of Miami, turned back for Europe. About a third of its passengers ended up in Great Britain, while the rest were sprinkled throughout Western Europe, aka “the place where the Nazis were.” By June of 1940, FDR had drunk deep of the Conspiracy Kool Aid, stating: “Now, of course, the refugee has got to be checked because, unfortunately, among the refugees there are some spies, as has been found in other countries.

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“The Imagine Project helps kids talk about what’s happened to them, if it’s stress, minor trauma, major trauma, anything,” Maroney said. “It’s a point where they can still talk about it, overcome it and write a new story in its place. It helps give kids hope, and hope is something that kids really need.

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