“Where are the keys to the Navigator? I am running late and

So what is to be done? Aside from so hopefully not serious discussions about evacuating humanity (perhaps only the rich people) to the planet Mars, we are left with Point 3. To stay within 1.5 C of global surface temperature warming as a planet, a range considered somewhat safe, by 2030 we need to have cut our emissions by almost half, an extremely ambitious target. This implies a full on, Second World War style transformation to a carbonless economy.

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Trekking around the world is thrilling. However, it can be equally as frightening when you realize your passport is ruined or has been stolen. Before leaving on a trip, make preparations and protect your essential travel documents. Organizations that grant free college funding use the FAFSA to decide if you qualify. Pell Grants are a good example; you don’t have to pay them back the way you do student loans. But they’re first come, first served so apply as soon as you can after the FAFSA is released Oct.

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