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I immediately agreed without even hearing the story.He wanted to make a film about our culture, depicting our values, a film for Tamils.Thalaimuraigal was not just a film about the beautiful bond shared by a grandfather and his grandson; there were so many other elements, so much more to the film. I absolutely loved the script and his reasons for doing it.We started work almost immediately. He said that he could complete the project on a very small budget and he did just that.Any particular reason why he chose to approach you?I really do not know the answer to this question.Balu sir himself was asked this question on several occasions and he always replied that it was the power of the Universe that brought him to me.He said that the universe had decided that there would come a time and age when someone called Sasikumar would produce a film for Balu Mahendra and that is exactly what he believed had happened.It was predestined that I would do a film with him.As I have mentioned many times in the past, Thalaimuraigal was not made with any thought of commercial gain..

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