There was never a drought of money in Bihar

Cue a fateful weekday morning. The job sheet just says “CD player not working”. I rock up on time, grab a few tools and ring the doorbell 5 minutes early. They would act disappointed (and in some cases annoyed) that I didn remember their drink preferences from previous weeks. They would place their beverage and food orders, then get up and change tables. Not to fuck with me, mind you; they were just being sociable with each other..

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I level 60 and queue up for that first WotLK dungeon you can do.My tank is a lvl 60 warrior. After giving everyone Fort, qI realize he is actually Fury and already beelining for the first pack of mobs.This mofo proceeds to outrun every person in the group clearing packs effortlessly. I can barely stay behind him using Feathers.I think we cleared the dungeon in less than 10 min.

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