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Have a big family. Always end up being some people I have never met invited over so they have somewhere to go on Thanksgiving. Usually a family members coworker or something like that. They know that they can do it if they put their mind to it. The marathon is the ultimate goal. A limit that can be reached..

In the universe of the Hinterland Saga (a futuristic high action book series I working on), there are three main landmasses: Amia and Trapezia; Eon/The Hinterlands; Krimeth and Dagurria. The Hinterlands, shown above, is at the center, with Amia and Trapezia to its west and Krimeth and Dagurria to its east. Millenia ago, the Global Shakeup detatched Eon from Krimeth and Dagurria, forming the Demarket Sea.

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