No matter how bad my day was, you always made it better

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Chilton finally agreed to reform Big Star for one show in 1993 with original drummer Jody Stephens, plus Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow of The Posies replacing co founders Chris Bell and Andy Hummel. It seemed to be bag replica high quality a one off at the time, but the foursome played together sporadically for the rest of Chilton’s life they had a gig scheduled at Austin’s SXSW festival this Saturday. Every show felt like an opportunity for us to thank Chilton in person, and show him the love he’d been denied at the time.

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Now Smoltz will join the pair in the Hall following their inductions last July.”The three of us share such a unique bond that I don think anyone really feels any different than the other person, although I can tell you that I not in their class when it talks about the numbers that they put up,” Smoltz said. “But I probably not in anyone class because of the strangeness of my career and the uniqueness of what I did.”Biggio appeared on 454 ballots, 42 more than needed and up from 68.2 percent in his first appearance and 74.8 percent last year. A catcher who shifted to second base and spent three seasons in the outfield, he had 3,060 hits and 668 doubles in 20 big league seasons, all with the Houston Astros.”I was a nervous dog this morning.