I think it’s cause I just imagined Shanter reading “Mr

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Replica Bags Philip Hammond accepts there will be an economic loss due to Brexit (Image: AFP/Getty Images)Get politics updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersUnless officials replica bags new york have been especially creative when it comes to the figures, which is unlikely given their professionalism, then this will make for grim reading for advocates of a hard Brexit.According to the Telegraph, the Treasury analysis will show the UK’s GDP will be zeal replica bags reviews 7.6% lower over the next 15 years if we crash out without a deal a loss ofUnder Mrs May’s plan there will be 1% to 2% hit to GDP ( the Norway option would see growth down 1.4% and the Canada scenario favoured by Boris Johnson would see GDP down 4.9%.None of these figures have appeared on the side of a bus.Brace yourself for a deluge of denunciations by Brexiteers of Project Fear Mark 2. Downing Street will not be disappointed if the no deal forecasts are particularly alarming as it will help Mrs May peddle her line that it is a choice between her deal and an apocalypse (there may be some exaggeration here).What will be harder for the PM to defend is the economic cost of her withdrawal agreement.For all her talk of a “brighter future”, Mrs May is presenting the country with a trade off: the price of ending freedom of movement and https://www.handbagsmerchants.com regaining some sovereignty is a less prosperous country.The Prime Minister is loathe to admit to this because it is perverse for a leader of a country to embark knowingly on a course that makes their citizens poorer.Which is why she is obliged to dress up her Brexit deal with all sorts of mendacious baubles such as claiming we will have more money for the NHS and the freedom to strike new trade deals.This was the line from Philip Hammond this morning who accepted that “in pure economic terms there is a loss” from all Brexit scenarios but this would be offset by the benefits of having an independent trading policy and control of our fishing waters.(This is your regular reminder the fishing industry is 0.12% of the economy).The brutal truth, as Hammond knows, is that the hit to the economy from Brexit means there will be a fall in Treasury revenue replica bags korea resulting in less money for public services and there are no trade deals with third countries which will compensate for our departure from the single market. To add to Mrs May’s woes, the Huffpost reveals this morning that five former Brexiteer Cabinet ministers, including Iain Duncan Smith and David Davis, have written to her demanding she abandon her withdrawal agreement.Faced with the prospect of defeat on December 11, some of the existing Cabinet are reported to be questioning whether they should press ahead with the vote.After PMQs at noon the Prime Minister heads to Scotland to try sell her unloved Brexit deal to a country which voted overwhelmingly remain.St Theresa is officially the replica bags review patron saint of missionaries and florists rather than lost causes.9.30pm Michael Gove is quizzed by the Environment, Food and Rural affairs committee on his department’s readiness for Brexit.10.30am Treasury analysis of various Brexit scenarios published.11.30am David Mundell takes Scottish questions in the Commons Replica Bags.