I get 6 7k volleys incomparably more often on my Cleveland

I disagree with that. My ccw is a tool to get me out of a situation. If the attacker is between me and the exit, I going through the attacker. Game had become stale as FUCK. Same champs same 20 minute farm fest fuck that boring shit.PerfectAlternative 4 points submitted 2 months agoIt at 52% wr cause you dumping on the fellows that pick Cait, Jinx, trist, and any of the classical AD even Ezreal. Meanwhile whatever salad bowl of mages, tanks, Irelia, Vlad, Zyra, Brand, Yas, morde, Darius etc bot are all sitting at 50 even with a lot of noobs and first timers experimenting.Just wait till the students of the game single out what works and doesn Marksmen will be a niche besides 1 2 if this patch isn tweaked.I haven seen a kalista in years, if that pick rate doesn hit 0 this patch then Idk.Dude stop with this “loaded roster” shit.

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