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The specific incident you linked to is about vote by mail ballots that have the wrong by date printed on them. These specific ballots were those that had issues that made them invalid. Those voters had time to submit a new ballot (100% legal, if you make a mistake at the polling station you can ask for a new ballot and they have to give it to you), but several of these ballots were returned after the official deadline, but not after a different, later replica ysl muse bag deadline marked on the ballot and package sent by the Florida Democratic Party to those voters whose ballots were rejected..

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How did he land the job?Mr. Asthana was hand picked by the Prime Minister’s Office to lead the premier anti corruption body as the interim chief from December 2016 January 2017 when there was a delay in appointing a full time director. He was serving in the CBI as an Additional Director, promoted three days before the retirement of the then CBI chief, Anil Sinha, on December 2.

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