A source close to Jodie said she did not see the decision as a

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canadian goose jacket Rule 7: No Let Plays, streams, or highlight reel videos. Sure you will get killed a lot, but you can learn from every death. The reddit community is also very nice and helpful, you can canada goose outlet easily find someone to practice with you by just asking. Show boss Sir Cameron Mackintosh wants 29 year old Jodie to get some on stage experience in London before taking the role of Nancy in Oliver! The move comes after he previously admitted he wanted Jodie’s rival Jessie Buckley, 18, to win the BBC contest in May. canada goose outlet Already Jodie whose previous experience was confined to singing on cruise ships and in shows in her native Blackpool has had intensive drama training.She will do about four weeks in a variety of parts in Les Mis.A source close to Jodie said she did not see the decision as a lack of trust in her ability and was keen to get involved. The source said: canada goose jacket outlet sale “Jodie thinks it is a good idea to try these small roles and wants to get as much experience as possible.”She wants fans coming to see Oliver! to be blown away and if this helps her cope with nerves on her big night it can only be a good thing.” A spokesman for Sir Cameron confirmed Jodie was in rehearsals for Les Miserables and would appear from August 26.He said: “We thought it would be useful for her to experience what it will be like performing regularly in the West End.” Jodie is the first winner of an Andrew Lloyd Webber TV contest not to go straight into a lead role canadian goose jacket.