A report to leading officers at Cambridgeshire police by

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Replica Hermes “Burglary can have Hermes Replica Belt a devastating impact on the victims, which is why tackling it is a priority for the constabulary. We are working hard to bring offenders like Smith to justice.”Burglary crackdown This latest conviction comes after a massive operation to tackle a rise in burglary in Cambridgeshire which has seen 600 arrests with an organised gang behind the crimewave.A record breaking Hermes Replica Bags number of prosecutions have been made against burglars and the crime which has been on the increase for years has finally gone down.A report to leading officers at Cambridgeshire police by Assistant Chief Constable Dan Vajzovic seen by Cambridgeshire Live revealed the success of the Project Sherlock which was launched as part of a burglary blitz.The lead officer thanked colleagues for their efforts, which have resulted in some “positive outcomes during February and March, including 600 arrests on Op Sherlock”.Project Sherlock was launched as a drive to improve the investigation of crime and the management of offenders.A police spokesman told Cambridgeshire Live the constabulary believes those figures mentioned in the report reflect the culmination of work on an operation against a “particular organised crime group which was carrying out burglaries in the county”.Charges have been brought against 13 suspects relating to dozens of burglaries. As a result burglaries have reduced, best hermes replica he added.Read hermes belt replica aaa MoreIn the dockBurglary drop In March 2017 there was a total of 229 burglaries dropping to 139 in March this year (2018).In February there were 188 home raids in the county and in January 264.The force spokesman added: “Targeting criminals who commit the majority of crime is a priority for the force because their activity has a massive impact on victims.”Burglary is top of our agenda because its effects can be devastating and it leaves victims feeling very vulnerable over a protracted period of time.”We are doing all we can to bring those Hermes Handbags involved to justice Replica Hermes.